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JD/ RFP: Communications Manager


Overview: The Hollywood Climate Summit is seeking consultant resumes and or agency proposals for a Marketing Manager or Agency for a four month contract leading up to the 2024 event. NOTE: We welcome consultants or agencies capable of both social media management and communications to share a proposal that includes both roles.

Role Duration: (Ideal) February 26th - June 30th, 2024

Project Rate: $9,000.00

Responsibilities & Deliverables

Writing & Editing 

  • Develop the creative and technical copy for the following platforms:

    • Hollywood Climate Summit website

    • Event ticketing platforms

    • Livestream recording links

    • Attendee-wide emails pre, post, and during event

  • Work with Associate Producers and programming team to fine-tune language for all main stage and in-person experiences across all platforms.

  • Write and execute newsletters in the lead up to the event

  • Supply official communications to PR team and update as needed

Ticketing & On-Site Branding 

  • Project manage the ticketing and conference platform build for consistency, clarity, and creative design

  • Plan and oversee the ticket release schedule

  • Oversee on-site branding materials for a cohesive event presence

Amplification Partnerships  

  • Manage community and media partner outreach and relationships for cross promotion

  • Work with Social Media Manager to develop social media amplification toolkit


Website & Information Management 

  • Manage data integrity and transfer contact data between newsletter, ticketing platforms, and CRM

  • Consistently update website to reflect new programming and speakers

  • Work with sponsorships coordinator to ensure accurate and consistent branding, placement and descriptions across all platforms

  • Update and optimize SEO for website

  • Oversee accessibility standards for all digital information


Required Skills 

  • Basic website design (Wix experience preferred)

  • Copywriting

  • Project Management

  • CRM management experience

  • Basic Photoshop or Canva skills to convert file types

  • Ability to articulate information in clear, concise, and charismatic ways

  • Advanced understanding of accessibility standards for audio and visual live event components and digital information and correspondence online


Desired Experience in: 

  • Drafting and designing newsletters

  • Event platforms such as EventBrite, Hopin, or SwapCard

  • SEO

  • Canva

  • Social media

  • Live event promotion

  • Entertainment industry

Note: Interested parties proposing to combine both roles are encouraged to express their ability to seamlessly integrate social media and marketing efforts for a comprehensive digital and marketing strategy. Combining roles into a larger contract is welcomed and will be considered favorably. The deadline for submitting proposals for either role or the combined contract is February 19th, 2024. 

If interested, send your resume and or proposal to

JD: Social Media Manager


Overview: The Hollywood Climate Summit is seeking a part-time social media consultant to support the 2024 annual conference for media professionals.

We are a nonprofit at the intersection of climate and entertainment, heading into its fifth year of producing The Hollywood Climate Summit. We prioritize an experience that highlights intersectional community building while working in tandem with high level talent and industry stakeholders.

Ideal Start Date:  February 26th, 2024. Position runs until July 15th with potential extension 

Project Rate: $10,000.00

Core Responsibilities

Content Creation and Management

  • Develop monthly social media calendars

  • Develop and implement strategies for engagement and priority content verticals.

  • Create engaging content for IG, Linkedin, and Tiktok

  • Light community engagement on the platforms, heavier during the month of June

  • Manage paid ad campaigns on IG

  • During the week of the summit, work with digital producers to provide live coverage and event recaps of key programming

  • Provide reports on post and engagement analytics

  • Work with marketing manager and PR team to implement responsive communications strategies


Video Editing

  • Edit reels

  • Mix audio and music

  • Add subtitles that meet accessibility standards


Digital Partnerships and Strategy

  • Coordinate collaborations with media partners in advance of the event and on-the-ground at the conference

  • Implement collaborative posting strategies with talent, sponsors, and key partners

If interested, send your resume to

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