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2024 Finalist Pitch Highlights

As seen in the LA Times

"Meet the writers pitching Hollywood studios on climate change stories"

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About the Program

Writing Climate: Pitchfest for TV and Film celebrates the best unproduced climate-themed scripts in film and television by connecting writers of those scripts to Hollywood executives, producers, agents, and managers through curated one-on-one meetings. Our program elevates global storytellers whose work envisions new possibilities for the world, with the goal of supporting the development of mainstream entertainment with social impact.


Finalists of the program include emerging voices, pre-WGA and WGA writers, an Emmy winner, and an award-winning international author. No longer confined to dystopian futures or doom and gloom disasters, our writers' climate pitches have cut across genre, from adventure, comedy, and children’s animation to drama, sci-fi, and more. Each of our winners receive pitch coaching from industry experts prior to our live one-on-one pitch event. Executives have attended from companies like NBCUniversal, Netflix, Sony Pictures, Skydance, Color Force, Fox Searchlight TV, Gotham Group, and many more. 


Entertainment executives or financiers interested in meeting our vetted writers are welcome to reach out to us at

Impact & Testimonials



68% of finalists are female, and 40% are BIPOC.


The age range is more than 44 years, from late teens to early 60s.

Winners represent 5 countries: United States, England, Germany, India, and Australia. 



3 out of 20 projects are now in development with producers and production companies they met at the event, with other writers gaining representation


2 writers secured new or additional representation

Winners represent 6 countries: United States, Brazil, England, Spain, India, and Australia. 

“The organizers are all industry professionals and are very supportive and passionate about climate change and storytelling. They really want writers to succeed. They even offered a mentoring session to practice pitching before the actual event. And you’re pitching to development execs from big and notable companies. These guys are rock stars.” 

- Michael Graf, writer and 2022 Pitchfest Finalist 

“This event was a unique opportunity to meet all kinds of climate change makers in the global film industry from grassroots level organizers to big studios. The range and quality of work showcased was absolutely stunning. Just as the climate emergency is a global phenomenon, the fight against it must also unite us. I was heartened to see how many good people are thinking about this and integrating climate concerns in everything they do, from protecting locations from the environmental fallout of hosting a unit to foregrounding hitherto marginal voices in the climate debate. I felt deeply privileged to be a part of this and to have my work recognised and promoted by the tireless team of young people who made this happen. If they are the future of Hollywood, then our future is in good hands.”

-  Rimi B. Chatterjee, writer and 2022 Pitchfest Finalist 

2024 Pitchfest Finalists

Alexandra Clayton
Brooke Solomon
Ari Gold
Charles Day
Brett Marty
Denise Baden
Donna E. Jason
Emma Soren
Katie Waldron
Marissa Gawel
Emily Carr
Florencia Manovil
Maria Monica Serban
Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel 
Emma Parker
Hasani P. DuBose
Marie Etzler
Nicole Conlan
Tanmaya Shekhar
Tracy Held
Writing Team
Aditi Mediratta
Asstan Cisse
Greg Wright
Brayden Yoder
OreOluwa Badaki
Nick Dragon
Ella Carey
Caitlin Spiller

2024 Pitchfest Semi-Finalists

Tisha Brown, Rimi B Chatterjee, Bonnie Culbertson, Kaelan Dickinson, Megan de Guzman, Julia Evans, Illimani Ferreira, Christopher Gibbon, riddick & gray, Andrew Harrell & Patrick Nichols, Anna Holmes, George Johnson, Alyssa Kostello, Laura Kroeger, Carl Lindemann, Lindsay Kent, Caitlyn Knisely & Kirsten Knisely, Caitlin McCarthy, Natasha Nutkiewicz, Taryn O'Neill, Kyra Perez, Maxine Phoenix, Robert Plotner, Greg Searle, Starhawk, Nell Voss
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