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Stories about the environmental crisis should inspire tangible momentum. How is your content creating pathways to action? This workshop featured leaders in climate storytelling with a particular focus on leveraging media to drive action and amplify global and intersectional communities. This interactive workshop challenged creatives to imagine how to tell ethical climate stories and implement conscious impact campaigns in support of climate action. 

Anna Jane Joyner and Carmiel Banasky from The Good Energy Project lead a writing workshop about how to weave climate change into storytelling.

The producer of I Am Greta and impact producer of the Can You Hear Us? campaign discuss the way the impact campaign was able to create Take Action resources around climate action and intergenerational allyship.

Interview with Director Slater Jewell-Kemker, who filmed the Youth Unstoppable documentary over the course of 12 years about the Global Youth Climate Movement.

Frontline organizers passionate about various issues from ocean

conservation to protecting areas from oil development share how their organizations are taking action.

The Conservation Comedy group brings a satirical and fresh new way of approaching environmental issues.

Hear from the creators of this animated film that partnered with the World Wide Fund for Nature to promote more sustainable lifestyles.

Actress & activist Rosario Dawson gives a Call to Action.

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Jeff Orlowksi
Director/Founder, Exposure Labs
Ru Mahoney
Project Impact
James Fulcher
Project Impact
Chloe Sarosh
Showrunner, Wildstar Films
Anna Jane Joyner
Founder, The Good Energy Project
Lisa Rose
Head of Impact, Waterbear
Director, Youth Unstoppable
Cecilia Nessen
Producer, I Am Greta
Carmiel Banasky
TV Writer + Author
Anabella Sosa
Producer, Koati

Get involved & take action!

➔ Check out the Climate Story Labs and their toolbox to learn how to facilitate necessary climate narrative conversations within your own community that will inspire citizens, engage politicians, and mobilize communities

➔ Read The Impact Field Guide & Toolkit for resources on impactful storytelling

➔ Take action with Can You Hear Us?’s personalized action item quiz

➔ Find tools to teach kids about the environment with WWF’s Wild Classroom

➔ Follow Conservation Comedy to laugh and help the environment

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