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Top eco-influencers share their passion for posting eco-friendly content on Instagram and Tiktok, the pressures they face to be an environmental educational resource, and their tips for creating your own sustainable lifestyle in and out of the digital realm.

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Leah Thomas
Founder of @intersectionalenvironmentalist
Richa Moorjani
Environmentalist + Actor
Abbie Richards
TikTok Influencer
Pattie Gonia
Environmentalist + Drag Queen
Isaias Hernandez

Get involved & take action!

➔ Find out how to contact your representatives and voice your needs and concerns for climate action in your community

➔ Participate in a climate justice accountability program and learn more about intersectional environmentalism with IE’s Education page

➔ Dispel disinformation with these 54 Great Sources for climate change news

➔ Join the Sierra Club Community of Influencers and use your voice to make a difference

➔ Learn about how to be an artist changemaker with Center for Cultural Power’s resources and programs

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