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Join the Creative Industries Pact for Sustainable Action


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The Pact is an aspirational set of objectives for the creative industries, encouraging voluntary action. It references international agreements to ensure the industry is aligned with and committed to local and global climate goals, and encourages any organization to work toward the outlined goals in their own way and context.

The Pact applies to corporations, public agencies, member-based organizations, film schools, film commissions, and any organization working in or with the creative industries that are willing and able to work toward the pledges within.

Hollywood Climate Summit

The #CreatorsForJustice Initiative pairs artists & creatives with nonprofits who need help in graphic design, editing, social media & digital art.

It is prioritizing black led and racial justice coalitions.

Due to COVID-19, many nonprofits are overwhelmed and understaffed. Their content and graphics budgets have been slashed so that they can stay afloat. Yet, the need for digital content and social presence has only increased during this time. 

To support these organizations, Young Entertainment Activists (YEA!) founded #CreatorsForJustice. This volunteer-led initiative serves as an opportunity for creatives to serve nonprofits.  

We believe in the power of culture, art, and communication to build a more just, healthy world. Our goal is to bridge the gap between art and activism in social justice movements.

Climate Ambassador Program


YEA! is creating the Climate Ambassadors Program (CAP) to ensure the Sustainability Summit leaves a lasting impact on its attendees and the work they do on a daily basis.

CAP is a coalition of climate-conscious employees across various companies in Hollywood.  CAP’s mission is to empower any employee to make small changes in their workplace to help transition their company’s culture towards a more sustainable future. CAP intends on helping individuals across Hollywood start making those changes to eventually lead to larger discussions across the industry that involve all levels of leadership.


Gardening Tip Videos

Watch these videos to learn about gardening tips. With personal gardening, you will not only be able to cultivate your own food but also to nourish a sense of community, empowerment, belief and independence within yourself.

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