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Back to school vocab lesson from rapper and comedian, Lil Dicky!


Chris Duffy

Comedian & Host, You're the Expert

Fanshen Cox

Head Strategic Outreach at Pearl Street Films & President TruJuLo Productions

Senator Ed Markey and Juliana vs. United States plaintiff Alex Loznak discuss environmental policy and how Hollywood can play a role in stopping the climate crisis.

Norwegian singer Sigrid performs her songs "Home to You" and "It Gets Dark"


Favianna Rodriguez
Activist & Author
Katharine Hayhoe
Climate Scientist
Emma Stewart PhD
Sustainability Officer at Netflix
Roser Canela-Mas
International Director at albert
Senator Ed Markey
Senator of Massachusetts
Alex Loznak
Activist and Plantiff in Juliana vs. US
Hunter Vaughan
Author of Hollywood's Dirtiest Secret, Co-Director of the Global Green Network
Lil Dicky
Rapper & Comedian
Louise Marie Smith
Founder and Managing Director of Neptune Environmental Solutions, Sustainability Consultant, British Film Commission
Stephanie Dawson
Producer, Co-chair of PGA Green

Get involved & take action!

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