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Documenting the Climate crisis


What does it take to amplifying the climate crisis through documentary storytelling? Using specific case studies, we'll identify how documentarians have been successful in creating social impact and changing climate policy through their stories and adjacent impact campaigns. And of course, how you can do the same!


Coretta is the Senior Manager of Influencer Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at Earthjustice—the world’s first and largest public interest environmental law organization. Coretta draws on over 15 years of experience developing and implementing integrated communications initiatives that achieve social impact and organizational success. She brings to her work a broad perspective gained in the areas of public relations, environmental policy, legislative advocacy, community outreach, fundraising and resource development, stakeholder relations and celebrity engagement. 

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Coretta Anderson
Senior Manager, Influencer Marketing & Strategic Partnerships 

Larissa Rhodes is a filmmaker and the Head of Creative Development at Exposure Labs, where she develops projects that are environmentally and socially minded. Most recently, she produced the Sundance, Peabody, and Emmy award-winning film, Chasing Coral, a feature film following a team of adventurers working to reveal how the oceans are changing. The Social Dilemma is her latest Producing project which had its world premiere at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. Rhodes previously worked on the Emmy® Award-winning documentary, Chasing Ice. She holds an MFA in Film from Columbia University and a BFA & BA from the University of Colorado in Film Studies and International Spanish for the Professions. 

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Larissa Rhodes
Head of Creative Development
Exposure Labs & Producer of Chasing Coral

Meghan Welsch is the Director of Screenings at Exposure Labs, where she combines her previous experience in community engagement and release strategies to oversee the development and strategy around the community screening programs. Meghan specializes in the behind the scenes nuts and bolts, positioning campaigns to expand the footprint of films and maximize their impact. Recent campaigns include: Chasing Coral, The Game Changers, The Social Dilemma.Prior to joining Exposure Labs, Meghan worked at B-Side Entertainment, the first of its kind in-home distribution platform, Festival Genius, a scheduling platform for film festivals, and Tugg Inc., a crowdsourcing platform for movie screenings.

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Meghan Welsch
Director of Screenings
Exposure Labs

Youngest ever Resident of the prestigious Canadian Film Centre Directors Lab, Slater Jewell-Kemker has been making films since she was six. An award winning filmmaker and climate activist, Slater has been featured by Forbes twice: once for her ten year documentary feature on the rise of the global youth climate movement YOUTH UNSTOPPABLE, and another for her CFC short film STILL which explores domestic violence and infatuation.  YOUTH UNSTOPPABLE premiered at Michael Moore's invite only Traverse City Film Festival, going on to screen at close to 100 festivals around the world and garnering thirteen awards. 

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Slater Jewell-Kemker
"Youth Unstoppable"

Nina Sadowsky is an author, filmmaker and educator. Her novels include JUST FALL, THE BURIAL SOCIETY and THE EMPTY BED, with CONVINCE ME to be published on August 4th, 2020. She has written numerous screenplays and produced such films as "The Wedding Planner.”  In addition to her role as Program Director of NYU Los Angeles, a "semester away" program for advanced students considering careers in the entertainment and media industries, Sadowsky also serves as the Director of Educational Outreach for the Humanitas Prize, is on the Leadership Council of Creative Future, and is a founding member of the Woolfpack, an organization of women showrunners, writers and producers committed to community and mentorship.

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Nina Sadowsky
Program Director
NYU Los Angeles


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