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The Hollywood Climate Summit is an annual gathering of the entertainment community to address the climate crisis. This year’s summit is focused on calling for a unified, collective effort towards climate action across Hollywood; cultivating meaningful connections between attendees; and platforming real climate actions and solutions. Unity; Mutual Aid; Coalition


This Programming & Take Action Guide is your ultimate directory to the 2021 Hollywood Climate Summit. It includes all programming events and networking opportunities, and provides attendees with educational resources and actions you can take, organized by programming and crucial environmental topics. This year’s summit will be hosted on the digital conference platform, Hopin, with numerous online, interactive programming and one-on-one networking, as well as an in-person “Eco-Bash” with a screening of Youth V. Gov.


Find out how you can help with the current climate disasters. Check out the resources on how climate change and natural disasters are related, where you can donate to, and what you can do for local action.

Watch NRDC’s Rewrite the Future Panel at Sundance 2021: Beyond Apocalypse: Alternative Climate Futures in Film and TV to learn more about integrating climate storytelling into film.

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If you have any comments, concerns, or material that you would like to include in the Action Guide, please feel free to connect with us! Reach out to Tehya Jennett, our Action Guide Coordinator, and Samuel Rubin, YEA! Director of Impact & Strategy.