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We welcome NYU students, alumni, and faculty to check this page for up-to-date exclusive partnerships and personalized action-items for you!

A Message from NYULA 

Nina also participated in the Documenting the Climate Crisis Workshop 

NYU Los Angeles Program Director and published writer Nina Sadowsky speaks on partnering with YEA! on the 2020 Hollywood Digital Climate Summit, and emphasizes the significant topics of storytelling and environmental sustainability during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

NYU Sustainability

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NYU Green Grants are awarded to improve the university's operational environmental performance, foster environmental literacy and community engagement, advance applied research and design, expand sustainability learning opportunities, and demonstrate the viability of best practices and technologies for sustainability. The Green Grants Selection Committee awards up to $20,000 for the most feasible, impactful, and innovative projects that have potential for institutionalization or are self-sustaining.

NYU Community Spotlight

Tehya Jennett 

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"I graduated from NYU in May of 2020 with a major in Environmental Studies, a minor in Animal Studies, and a passion for sustainable filmmaking and environmental storytelling. In my senior year at NYU, I explored these interests through writing my ES honors thesis on how to increase environmental awareness through film, as well as producing and green advising Stomach of the Earth, a short film with environmental and animal ethics themes. Now, as an NYU alum, I’m focused on building up the co-operative production house I’m a member of, Stranded Astronaut Productions. We are currently looking for new members and love to build connections with like-minded creatives! As a Green Producer for Stranded Astronaut Productions, I set out to bridge my roots in activism, environmental justice, and sustainability with film production in order to make an impact on the big screen (without a negative impact on the environment). When not fighting for justice or working on a short film, I can often be found enjoying nature, petting dogs, and eating vegan burritos."


Climate on Set: Envisioning a Future For Environmental Awareness Through Film by Tehya Jennett


Stomach of the Earth 

(2020, dir. Maxfield Biggs, prod. Tehya Jennett)

Onset Green Initiatives

- Thrifted and/or repurposed all props, wardrobe, and set pieces used in the film

- Negotiated a contract with a local cafe, so that we may use their leftover food for our set

- Ensured all food served on set was vegan/vegetarian and fair trade

- Banned plastic from the set, including water bottles, cups, and cutlery (and used reusable/compostable materials in replacement, when necessary)

- Printed all necessary materials on zero-waste paper and kept any printing to a minimum

TV Pilot: Mary and the Mob


2019 NYU Green Grant Recipient

Creator Credits

Vivian Gisle (Showrunner)

Matthew O’Connor (Director)

Heather Vaxer (Executive Producer)

Vanneeda Keowmang (Producer/Production Sound)

Jacob Linden (Producer/Casting Director)

Stefan Nachmann (Director of Photography)

Owen Lazur (Assistant Director)

Ramiel Petros (Line Producer)

Amelia Boscov (Production Designer)

Saunder Lynne Boyle (Art Director)

Bradley Sachs (Sustainability Supervisor)

Washington Square News:

Advanced TV Pilot ‘Mary and the Mob’ Blazes Trail for Sustainable Set

"Over the course of the weekend, Sachs says the 30-man crew produced “one single CVS bag” worth of actual trash. 80% of the set’s waste went to recycling or compost facilities, thus only 20% went to the landfill. Sachs believes their impact was undeniable, though they could always do more."

Green Production Guide

Jamie Margolin is a Colombian-American climate justice activist who identifies in the LGBTQIA+ community as lesbian. She is the founder and co-executive director of Zero Hour, a climate action organization based in Seattle, Washington. Margolin's writing about climate change has appeared in many publications including HuffPost, Teen Ink and CNN; and she has just published book Youth to Power, with a foreword by Greta Thunberg. 

We welcome Jamie Margolin as a new incoming student to the NYU community!

The #CreatorsForJustice Initiative pairs artists & creatives with nonprofits who need help in graphic design, editing, social media & digital art.

It is Prioritizing black led and racial justice coalitions.

Due to COVID-19, many nonprofits are overwhelmed and understaffed. Their content and graphics budgets have been slashed so that they can stay afloat. Yet, the need for digital content and social presence has only increased during this time. 

To support these organizations, Young Entertainment Activists (YEA!) founded #CreatorsForJustice. This volunteer-led initiative serves as an opportunity for creatives to serve nonprofits.  

We believe in the power of culture, art, and communication to build a more just, healthy world. Our goal is to bridge the gap between art and activism in social justice movements.

A note from NYU President Andrew Hamilton on NYU, sustainability and COVID-19.

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