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  • Climate 101

  • A history of sustainability in the industry

  • Regenerative thinking and how it applies to your job

  • Leadership development and communication skills


After attending our first training, you get to join our official in-person and online network that is organizing year-round.

A network of industry professionals committed to changing the culture in Hollywood around the climate crisis.

Established to continue the conversations and knowledge-building of the annual Hollywood Climate Summit year-round, the Climate Ambassadors Network (CAN) provides training and a community resource platform for entertainment industry professionals committed to changing the culture around climate change in the workplace.


The goals of our training include: creating a communication line between sustainability departments and their lower-level employees  (who are making everyday workplace decisions); igniting an industry-wide movement that addresses root causes of climate change in Hollywood, and connecting diversity initiatives with climate justice initiatives. Our training also provides leadership skills and resources for participants to become better advocates on behalf of both the climate crisis and themselves.

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