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pitchfest 2022


2022 pitchfest

NBCUniversal Presents: "Writing Climate: Pitchfest for TV and Film" is on a mission to cultivate climate content by amplifying writers who have found innovative ways to expand the idea of what a climate story is. After a thorough judging process, 20 emerging and established writers were chosen from a global pool of applicants to have their climate story ideas heard by development execs, managers, and agents at this year’s Hollywood Climate Summit. Each writer will have 8 ten-minute, one-on-one pitch sessions in an exciting and impactful round robin style event.



Gabriele Almon

Adam Chad Brody & Clayton Long

Rachael Burke

Anna Casadei & Mark Casadei

Emily Louise Carr

Max Castillo & Kat Barnette

Shaan Dasani

Patrick Dorsey

Robin Fusco

Christopher Gibbon

Nikki Groton

Rebecca Halfon

Church Lieu

Dan Linehan

Sarafina Ludlow

Kyle Naftel

Eric Salinas Nebel

Joshua Ravenwood

Kate Sheffield

Lynn Vincentnathan

Pamela Winfrey

Georgia Wright



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